Community activist, justice fighter and eloquent speaker, Lovette proudly represents her Gambian roots, though a longtime resident of Sweden. Founder of Action for Humanity and recipient of the Honorable Justice Award, she is a true advocate of equality across the globe. 



Coffee connoisseur and budding fashion designer & retailer, Patricia is embracing the expat lifestyle with passion. Several years ago, she left Brooklyn for a new adventure in the UAE. Now, a blogger and avid travel, she offers tips and tricks on navigating expat life as a QWOC. Keeping up with her is no easy feat, but you can start here at Afros Abroad.

devon Austin

Self-professed expats, Devon and hubby are living their best life in Central America. Helping others to do the same; their lively and vibrant blog That Bella Life offers everything you need to know before heading to Costa Rica. 

kaylan reid shipanga

Kaylan is the founder of African-Americans in Africa, a network highlighting and resourcing black Americans in living in Africa. A highly recognized writer and editor, and founder of Sutton Travel Creative - the go-to source when heading to Namibia, Kaylan has set the standard for developing a business from a passion. 

jazzie Mas

Founder of Black Digital Nomad, Jazzie has designed a valuable resource for "black and brown freedom seekers." From art to music to the in-depth Masterclasses, her business model is one to be acknowledged and revered.

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