Black women are among the most influential people within any community. We have the power to change the landscape of popular opinion, challenge social norms and defeat the world's prescriptives, of who we ought to be.


Individually, we are unforgettable. Together, we are unstoppable.


Which community are you currently influencing? 

Expat Divas Magazine

The ultimate resource for black expat women, Expat Divas magazine is designed to help you connect with women who understand your journey.


It assists in networking with potential customers for your developing business. 


It serves as a meeting point for new and seasoned business owners.


Most of all, the Expat Divas Community serves as a platform for women, seeking additional motivation or support on their expat journey.

"Expat life isn't always easy, but it is always, 100% worth it. I couldn't imagine living this life without the Sisterhood of women who can relate to my experience as a black woman living abroad."

Francesca Fraser
Expat Divas Founder
Our Mission

                   is to grow a supportive and resourceful community of black expat women by providing consistent and informative content. 






Esther is an amazing scholar who has earned a prestigious scholarship to an international school in London.  Leaving behind classmates and friends in Rwanda, she will be missed, but will also find comfort in knowing the Expat Divas community is in full support of her efforts. 

Join the Team

Giving back requires the hands of the entire community.  Expat Divas live extraordinary lives in places that are a dream to many. It is our duty to give, help and enrich the lives of the young women, who will one day follow in our footsteps. 


Due to Covid-19

We the following programs have been suspended. We are eagerly awaiting border openings and a reduction of travel restrictions

Passport Sisters


Passport Sisters is about encouraging young black girls to dream of a world beyond borders.  Each year, Expat Divas aims to put 1000 passports in the hands of 1000 young ladies across the globe. 

Young Global Diva


When you shop in the Expat Divas Shop, a portion of your purchase will go towards the Young Global Diva Scholarship.

One promising young lady will benefit from a $1000 scholarship award. Applicants are ages 14-18 years old, coming from underserved communities.